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About Us


Welcome To Bardeen

BES is a Vendor Independent Tech & Consultants company having an ecosystem of the best global digital experts offering industry Specific platform/Services with technology superiority, delivery excellence as a reliable outsourcing service partner to our Customers.

  • For us our Customers are our Partners.
  • We are close to our customers and represent growth mindset on responsibility, quality and security.
  • We are not just a Tech & Consultants Company.
  • We are a Company who wants to grow with our Customers by Growing Mutually.

Digital Projects

Projects that reduce costs, increase speed or increase quality within the current operating and business models through the application of digital technologies.

Digital Strategy

Programs that change how business objectives are achieved, typically in the area of customer experience, employee experience, or business model leveraging digital technologies.

Cost Optimization

IT organizations have long been focused on using technology to ensure basic “lights on” services and containing costs.

Business Value Creation

Leading enterprises are focused on Identifying ways technology can drive business value


Analyze your information / digital challenges

And identify the potential! By mapping information needs and business goals you will get a clear picture of your organisation’s challenges and opportunities.

Design a solution concept

Seeing is believing! Our digital experts will create and visualize a solution concept as a basis for further decisions.

Choose technology and architecture

We are vendor and technology independent and will help you choose a suitable platform based on your vision, needs and information. Considering open source?

Manage information assets

Understanding the information/digital challenges and seeing the draft of the solution is the first step. Now it’s time to make it happen! Our Information Management (IM) experts will help you improve the quality of your information – treat the information as an asset.

Manage and improve findability

Findability is a process rather than a project! Our business consultants will guide you to establishing necessary roles, routines and tools. This will enable you to continuously improve information quality, user experience etc.

Re-use your investment!

We work to deliver value to you and your organization, both for the short and long term. Successful implementation of the solution will benefit different stakeholders across the organization by supplying them with the very best information available.